What Does Household Contents Insurance Include?

To follow up on our previous post on Home and household contents insurance cover, this week we will get more in-depth on what items are covered under household contents insurance.

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Household Contents Insurance

Your home is one of the most valuable assets you have, if not the most valuable. You may have home insurance that provides protection to the structure itself. This is a necessary type of cover because it can protect you from financial loss associated with fire or damage to the building itself. However, if a fire should occur, the structure is not the only thing at risk. Many times, people lose valuable assets within their home as well. Household contents insurance provides that level of protection.

What Will This Insurance Cover?

Household contents insurance provides cover for a variety of personal items in your home at the time of a covered incident. These contents and personal effects may include items such as the following:

  • Items that you own
  • Items you are responsible for at the time the dwelling suffers a covered peril
  • Clothing
  • Household appliances and goods
  • Furnishings for your home


If you have items that are very valuable, you will need to report these items to the insurance carrier before such an incident occurs. By providing documentation for items like this, you are more likely to receive reimbursement for those items if an incident occurs. Examples of this may include high-value jewelry, art, collectibles, coins, or other items with a very high value. In some situations, you will benefit from increasing the amount of your coverage to ensure it is high enough to cover the value of these high-end items. Simply inform your insurance carrier about your specific valuable items and their estimated or appraised value.

What Type of Perils Does Household Contents Insurance Protect Against?

Household contents insurance protects against the same types of perils home insurance covers. This will vary from one policy to the next. The most common types of perils include fire and theft. Lightning, storm damage, and flood damage are also often covered. If you are unsure of a type of risks covered, talk to your agent about any limitations.

How to Keep Contents Safe

While your household contents insurance is an important part of protecting your home, it is also important to take steps to keep your home safe and secure.

  • Be sure to install home security systems on your home whenever possible. These will help deter thieves from trying to break into your home.
  • Install bars along your windows to keep people out. Be sure to keep windows and doors locked at all times to ensure you remain safe. Theft is a big concern in Botswana.
  • Consider investing in security boxes and safes to help protect very high-value items. Place jewelry and coins, for example, in this type of storage.

Home contents insurance can protect your belongings from many of the biggest risks. It can help to protect your contents from risks you cannot control such as oil leakage and water damage. It could help cover risks such as malicious damage or theft. You take every step possible to keep your home and family safe. However, when something does happen, you will appreciate having home insurance and contents cover to rely on to help you avoid the financial loss.