What Are the 5 Most Common Auto Insurance Claims?

When it comes to filing an auto insurance claim, one thing is for certain. If you can avoid it, you probably will want to do so. The more frequently you are involved in an accident or file an insurance claim, the higher your rates can climb. Take a look at some of the most common types of claims and what you can do to reduce your risks.

1. Fender benders

Small accidents are the most common auto insurance claim today. In most instances, no one is hurt, but damage to the vehicle occurs. The best way to avoid this type of claim is to simply reduce the amount of distraction you have while driving.

2. Whiplash.

Injury to the neck can create serious medical scenarios, but what you may not realize is that whiplash collision claims are quite common. All it takes is a jerking motion to the neck to create this type of risk. To avoid it, dry at a further distance from other drivers and slower. This gives you more time to brake.

3. Back injuries.

After an accident, back injuries can be very common. This is because of the force of impact from behind or the jerking movement forward that strains the muscles in the back. It can also cause a slipped disk to occur. Like whiplash, the best way to avoid this type of claim is simply to slow down and keep more distance between you and the other drivers.

4. Theft.

Though many people don’t realize just how common theft is of vehicles, it continues to be a growing threat to most property owners. The good news is you can often prevent theft auto insurance claims. To do so, install a security system in your vehicle. Keep it stored in an area where there is plenty of light and security.

5. Vandalism.

Vandalism, such as damage to the paint or tires of the car, can be a common risk for vehicle owners. If at all possible, keep your vehicle stored in a garage or within a gated area, which will help to reduce the risk of vandalism.

If you do face one of these or other types of incidents, contact your auto insurance provider. Your policy is in place to help you to pay for these potential losses and to give you the support you need when facing them.