Ways to Protect Other Drivers on the Road by Protecting Oneself

The fancy title basically camouflages ‘ways to drive safe’. One does not have the control of anything but oneself. But one can be sensible and take steps to protect oneself on the road by being a defensive, focused driver. Unfortunately, accidents occur every day because of simple mistakes.

Devote oneself to the Road
Multitasking while behind the wheels is a very bad idea. Even if one thinks one can talk on one’s mobile phone and drive just fine, one can’t. The moment one becomes a slight bit distracted or looks away, somebody else might be harmed or make mistakes. For example, one may reach down to turn the radio channel on one’s vehicle. In that moment, a driver may swerve into one’s lane, striking the car. Focus on what is happening on the road all of the time.

Don’t Drive Tired
If one is tired, pull over and get off the highway. The longer one drives in this condition, the more at risk one is. It takes much longer for one to respond to accidents and changes in road conditions if one is tired than if one is under the influence of alcohol (one is in no way promoting drunken driving)

Turn Down the Loud Music
Let’s say one is an aggressive driver and drives with loud music. Without getting into the argument over “aggressive music makes people aggressive,” it makes sense that listening to relaxing music or even a comedy channel on satellite radio will make one less pumped up for action than a driving bass line. Try tuning in to classical or jazz to reduce stress. Either way will also help drown out stressful traffic noise.

Avoid Overtaking or Sudden Lane Shifts
If one needs to move around another driver, do it cautiously. If another driver views one is speeding up and moving in front of them as aggressive, it puts everyone at risk. It is best to remain in one’s lane as long as possible to avoid conflicts and road rage. Get out of the way if someone is tailgating one. Instead of getting angry because they are tailgating or causing them more anger because one is not driving fast enough for their preference, simply move over to let them pass. This will help one remain calm as well as the other driver and diffuse a situation before it has time to develop into a bigger problem.

Always Protect One’s Assets
Finally, there is no way to gain protection against other accidents and incidents on the road all the time. That is why one simply needs to have car insurance in place. It helps to protect one’s assets when other drivers cause accidents or when a liability matter arises. Don’t overlook the importance of quality auto insurance.
Is one a safe driver? One may think so, but unless one is a defensive driver, one that takes steps to minimize risks like these against themselves, one may need to put a bit more effort into the process.