Three Reasons why you should go Direct with Alpha Direct


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While you are at work you surely want to know whether your insurance policy will do the job of building you another, if your house burns down. If you are burgled whilst at the supermarket your peace of mind is in the knowledge that, apart from the trauma of knowing that some strange criminal has had eyes and hands on your personal possessions, your up-to-date insurance premiums will cover the replacement values. Not many people spend too much time in their day thinking about insurance but, when something similar to these examples occurs, suddenly you turn to your policy.
It is time to take control and sort your insurances at the earliest!
Buying direct from an insurance company, either online or over the phone can be a fast and easy way to get insurance.The online quoting process is often faster than purchasing insurance through an agent, so if timing is a factor for you, going direct may be the best option.
Here are the top three reasons why you should go DIRECT with ALPHA DIRECT:
At Alpha Direct, through our call center and our network of in-house agents, clients are able to talk directly to them without needing to go through a middleman. This means no insurance broker fees or commissions are charged and the savings are passed on to their clients in the form of a reduction or discount in their premium.You could save 15% or more on your insurance!
Also, Alpha Direct guarantees your premiums for 12 months whether you claim or not!
With their highly sophisticated underwriting systems, Alpha Direct calculates premiums according to the client’s unique risk profile, meaning low-risk clients would not subsidize high-risk clients. So, if you’re a low-risk client, you can get insured by Alpha Direct for much less than what you’re currently paying somewhere else, and you will most likely save 15% or more on your insurance costs (Roughly 50% of Batswana will). They are the first insurance company in Botswana to implement individual underwriting.
Three Insurance salesman were sitting in a restaurant boasting about each company’s service.
The first one said, “When one of our insureds died suddenly on Monday, we got the news that evening and were able to process the claim for the wife and had mailed a check on Wednesday evening.
The second one said, “When one of our insured died without warning on Monday, we learned of it in 2 hours and were able to hand-deliver a check the same evening.
The last salesman said, “That’s nothing. Our office is on the 20th floor of a tall building. One of our insured who was washing a window on the 85th floor, slipped and fell. We handed him his check as passed our floor
At Alpha Direct, they ensure that our customers don’t run around and waste their time getting comparative quotes. When you claim, they do all the work for you.Our advanced systems and highly trained staff are able to ensure the speedy processing of claims.

So Hurry!! Pick up your phone and call us for a FREE Quote 0800 601 029.