Protecting Your Roof: How to Keep Roof Claims Low

roof leak

One of the most expensive claims for home insurance is for the roof. Your insurance company will not pay to replace or repair your roof in most cases. However, when the damage is covered by a covered type of incident, such as hail damage or damage from a falling tree, it may. Nevertheless, it is always best to keep your roof in good, well-maintained condition instead. To accomplish this, most homeowners need to follow a few key tips.

Tips for Keeping Your Roof in Good Condition

If damage occurs to your roof and you have not properly maintained it, this could lead to an uncovered claim. You can avoid this with a few key routine tips:

Have a professional roof inspection at least one time every year. This will ensure any minor damage is taken care of and the overall roof is inspected for potential problems, leaks, or signs of wear.
Look in your gutters. If you have traditional asphalt shingles, over time, they wear down. This allows the exterior granules to wash away in heavy rain or wind. If you notice black spots in your gutters, it could be a key indication of your shingles may need repair.
Have you spotted a leak? If so, it may be time to have a professional out to take a closer look. The problem is, most leaks are hard to spot and even hide in the attic, behind walls, or under insulation. During your roof inspection, your roofer can show you how to spot these areas of concern.
Take action right away if you find mold damage in your home, along the roof beams, or in your attic. In some cases, your home insurance policy will cover this damage, as long as it does not come from the actual lack of maintenance to your roof.
Keep debris off the roof. Trim back tree limbs to ensure they are not overhanging the roof as well. This alone will minimize risks to the structure.
Taking these steps can help to protect your roof from a denial of a claim for poor maintenance. That means if a problem occurs, such as damage after a storm, your home insurance company will have no trouble providing you with proper coverage for it. If you are still unsure of what you can do to keep your roof in good condition, talk to your roofer for additional tips specific to the type of roof you own.