Protecting your home

Protecting Your Home

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We were recently at the 2015 Builder’s Expo at the Airport Junction Mall. We were there to educate consumers and offer up quotes to the public, and as usual, the response was overwhelmingly positive. While we’re well known for our great coverage and competitive offerings on the motor insurance side, we also offer some exceptional products to cover the other valuables in your life. One of our offerings, Home Insurance provides you with cover for your home (Homeowner’s Policies) and its contents (Household Contents); but what does homeowners insurance exactly protect? Each home insurance policy is different, but standard policies usually offer:

– Broad coverage for damage to your home and/or any permanent structures on your property, which could vary depending on your policy (Homeowner’s coverage)
– Damage to your personal property on specific items listed on your policy. This would include your assets in the house (Household Contents coverage)
– We also offer various coverage options for the contents of your home to protect them from fire, wind, hail, lightning and theft. After you pay your deductible, you’ll be covered for the entire remainder of damage or loss.

If you are a tenant in a rental property have you considered a renters insurance policy for all your stuff? You have valuable items in your home too – replacing them could be more expensive than you think.

Alpha Direct offers highly competitive coverage on homeowner’s, household content and renter’s coverage, and you may qualify for further discounts on your policy if you have:

  • A monitored alarm system
  • Deadbolts on your doors
  • Smoke detectors in your house

Most banks typically will require homeowners to take out insurance coverage for the length of your mortgage, but since there is no mandatory coverage for renters, people often overlook taking out policies which could result in catastrophic losses or theft. Insurance coverage is always the smart way to protect yourself.

What information is required for a quote?

We may require some details such as the year the house was built, the address, and a recent valuation of the property. If you are covering the contents of the house, then a list of items and their values may also be required. – Click here to get a quick, easy and free quote.