Choosing Property Coverage: Determining the Value of Your Assets

Keep your beautiful family safe by hitting the"Insure Home" button.
Keep your beautiful family safe by hitting the”Insure Home” button.

Homeowners need property insurance coverage for their home. Many factors play a role in determining which policy is best for your specific property. When you work with your insurer, ask key questions about what the policy covers and what it does not. One key question of concern relates to the amount of coverage the policy offers. Is it enough protection for your belongings?

How Much Do You Own?

A quick look around your home can show you just how many assets you own. If a fire occurred at your home, imagine what the damage could be. The structure is only one element. You would also lose the contents of your home including your personal belongings. The insurance policy you select should cover all of these items by providing a coverage limit that’s high enough.

To determine if you have enough property coverage, obtain an appraisal of your home and contents. It is important, at the very least, to estimate the value of your belongings yourself. A few key things to consider includes the following.

What is the cost to rebuild your home? Your home insurance policy should not be based on the resale value of the property, but rather on the actual cost to rebuild it. Rebuilding can be significantly more expensive than the current market value.
What are your belongings worth? Consider your clothing, appliances, home furnishings, and other valuables. Estimate a value of these items. While you do so, create a home inventory. Use photos or a list to write down a description of the item and an estimated worth. Add this up to determine if your property insurance offers enough contents insurance to protect you.
What high-end valuables do you own? Most home insurance policies have a per-item limit. If you have very expensive items, such as jewelry, antiques, expensive electronics, or other very valuable items, it is important to have a special insurance rider on your policy to cover the value of these items.
To have the property amount of insurance for your home and belongings, you need to take a closer look at your property’s value. Estimating these values can help you to make sure your policy offers comprehensive protection to you. Work closely with your insurance agent to ensure you have proper coverage at the best value possible. Don’t put your finances at risk because you don’t have enough coverage.