When Should You File a Liability Claim on Your Home Insurance?

Alpha Direct offers flexible home insurance options.
Alpha Direct offers flexible home insurance options.

Making the decision to file a claim for a home insurance policy is not always easy to do. Many people believe that if they file a claim, their insurance will go up in cost. However, you’ve invested in this policy for a reason, to protect yourself from financial loss. This is especially true in liability claims. These types of home insurance claims can often be more expensive, especially when the incident is a negligence claim. Should you file a claim, then?

When to Contact Your Insurance Agency

If someone has fallen or otherwise been hurt on your property, do not delay in filing a liability claim with your insurance agency. Even if the other person has not brought any claims against you yet, you’ll want to keep your agent informed about what is happening and what occurred. They can offer outstanding support and guidance to you should you face liability claims down the road.

How Can Your Insurance Company Help You?

Let’s say someone is hurt at your home. They are in need of medical care. The costs continue to rise as their injury impacts their ability to work as well as their ability to care for their family. When you contact your home insurance company and file a claim with them, they will help you one step at a time through the process.

They can help gather information about the claim from the other person. This eliminates your need to do so.

They will pay for the costs up to the limit of your policy. In many cases, this can be a significant amount of money that you do not have to pay out of your pocket.
If the case goes to court for any reason, your home’s liability insurance helps to cover your legal defense against the claims made against you. And, if there are awarded damages by the court, the insurance company will cover those up to the limits of the policy.
Because of these benefits, homeowners need to have adequate liability insurance in place. The risk of something happening on your property is higher than you likely realize, but with this type of property protection, you are assured support throughout the process.