6 Things To Always Do When Travelling

Since festive season is now officially behind us, you may not have too many long distance travel plans till Easter, however, incase you are planning any trips either in the country or outside, here are some essential things to consider before setting off. Of course, tip number one should be to ensure that you have good insurance coverage, the following points are mostly concerned with road safety.

1) Check your tyre pressure
Many people fail to do this simple check before they set off on a voyage. Ensure that your tyre pressure matches the manufacturer recommended pressure shown on a label you will find either on the glove compartment lid or on the side of the driver or passenger door frame. Running tires over-inflated will cause uneven wear on the tread (more wear in the centre) and can lead to blow-outs if the tires get hot. Under-inflating tyres will lead to instability or an increased “pull” to either side.

2) Check your tyre tread
Your tyres should have tread worn out evenly from left to right. Uneven wear can be dangerous to drive with. The tyres should also have around 2 – 3 cms of tread remaining at least, especially when driving in rainy conditions.

3) Check your oil level
Check your oil levels with the oil dip stick to ensure that you have enough oil in the engine. running your car with low oil can be harmful to the motor. If you are unsure how to check the levels, the petrol attendants in most petrol stations should be trained to do it.

4) Rotate your tyres regularly
Rotating your tyres (moving tyres front to back and back to front) allows for even wear. It is good to regularly have this done.

5) Regularly replace your wiper blades
It is important to regularly change your wiper blades to ensure they are functioning well. Generally, before the rainy season starts, most drivers would not have bothered to check their wiper blades, and can get caught on the road in a storm without fully functional wipers.

6) Keep your car serviced
It is crucial to keep your car well serviced and maintained. Check and replace your battery when needed, check and top up brake fluid and radiator coolant as needed. Ensure brake pads and shoes are replaced regularly as well.

Following these safety tips will ensure that you’re always driving your car worry free.

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