4 points you need to know about insurance for your most valuable asset: Home Insurance

Father and his son playing outside in their yard
Father and his son playing outside in their yard

Your home is likely your most valuable asset and your single biggest purchase. Mobile and manufactured home insurance coverage is similar to typical home owner’s coverage, however, to ensure that your home is properly covered, check that your policy specifies the type of home you own.
Few home owners’ insurance policies cover everything, but a comprehensive policy should include protection against the most common causes of loss or damage to your mobile or manufactured home. A standard policy covers accidental damage or loss caused by or related to fire, explosion etc.

• What Coverage Includes

Mobile and manufactured home owners insurance typically covers the home itself, any adjoining structures and a portion of your belongings contained within the home. The policy includes replacement or repair costs, as well as related costs such as living expenses if you are forced to find alternative accommodations for a period. In the case of weather or water damage, additional coverage may include removal of debris, fire department services, car rental or medical evacuation. One must read one’s policy documents carefully to familiarize yourself with the provisions of your insurance.

• Personal Liability Option

Most home owner’s insurance policies contain coverage options for personal liability. This is helpful in case of legal responsibility for an accident causing injury to a person outside your household, or damages to property owned by someone else such as a neighbor or visitor. The Personal Liability option covers property damage, medical bills, loss of wages, legal counsel, and reimbursement of costs in the event that you are sued. Your insurance advisor can help you to choose the right coverage for your individual circumstances.

• Claiming Against the Policy

Your home owner’s insurance policy provides details of the methods of submitting a claim and receiving compensation. These vary depending on the options included in your policy, the type of claim you submit, and the state in which you live. Most insurers pay out a percentage of the value of your claim, so check that the value of your policy covers the full repair or replacement costs you can expect in the event of a claim. Your insurance advisor can help you identify the value of your mobile or manufactured home for the purpose of choosing an insured amount.
Evaluate your home owner’s insurance policy on a regular basis to make sure that you are covered for any higher replacements costs resulting from inflation.

• Household Contents Insurance

Depending on how long you have lived in or have owned your house, it is likely to be filled with things both essential and precious to you. And the only time you realize how many things you own is when they are damaged or stolen. With ALPHA DIRECT’S HOUSEHOLD CONTENTS Insurance you can sleep easy knowing that you can claim for items stolen or damaged at your home. With this cover we will cover your household contents against theft, intentional damage to your valuables, as well as damage caused by a power surge or a burst geyser.

Even damage to your contents due to fire, lightning storm, hail and flood is covered. This also takes care of your personal liability which covers you if your domestic worker gets injured while on duty or where you may be held responsible for causing death or injury to someone else or damage to their property.