5 Reasons Why You Need Car Insurance

Family collecting new car
Keep your car and your family safe

Car insurance is an expense a lot of people would rather do without. Paying regularly for something that you don’t actually see or use on a regular basis – and may never use if you’re lucky – can seem like it’s a money-making scam. The truth is that car insurance is an investment that you are making in protecting yourself and your future from the unexpected. It’s not a scam – and yes, you really do need it.

It’s the Responsible Thing to Do. The laws in many other countries requiring car insurance exist for a good reason. If an error of judgment on your part causes someone else to be injured or their property damaged, then you are responsible for the cost of making it right. If you broke a friend’s property, you would feel that the right thing to do would be to pay to repair or replace it. Why should it be any different with a stranger?
When it comes to car accidents, the level of financial responsibility is much higher. Damages can and do regularly run into the tens or hundreds of thousands of Pula. What happens without insurance when people are responsible for such damages but can’t pay for them? Extended court battles, financial struggles, wage garnishing and simply a lack of the ability to carry the responsibility for one’s actions.

Non-accident protection. Car Insurance can also be crucial if your vehicle is stolen or vandalized. That’s one of the reasons why many insurance companies offer a break on insurance if a policyholder regularly parks his or her car off the street and in a covered garage, where the instances of theft and vandalism are much less prevalent. With Alpha Direct, you can be protected from having to pay hundreds of thousands in the event of an Accident by paying a small premium which is a fraction of that amount.

Protection from Mother Nature. What will you do when there’s a mudslide, hurricane, or earthquake that damages or even totals your vehicle? That can be a time when money is extremely tight, but car insurance provides some protection in those circumstances. Car Insurance covers your loss at the time of a natural disaster or calamity.

Third party cover. This protects you from claims made by another person. For example, if you hit a BMW worth half a million Pula, you may end up having your wages garnished for years unless you have third party coverage.

You Can’t Afford Not to Have It. Unless you’re one of the few who is independently wealthy and has a large supply of cash to draw on if you are faced with a claim against you, then car insurance is something you simply can’t afford to be without. Think about it this way: if you can’t afford the car insurance premiums, how will you afford the much, higher cost of paying a claim out of pocket?

Car insurance doesn’t exist to scam people out of their money on a product they may never use. It exists to protect you against the very real risk that you could find yourself financially responsible for some large bills you can’t afford to pay.
It’s true that car insurance is something you pay for largely without using for long periods of time. But when the day comes that you do need it, it can save you from a financial disaster.