Why you need to go Direct with Alpha Direct


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Direct Insurer: Direct Insurers like Alpha Direct allow you to deal directly with them which removes the need to pay broker commissions which can amount to a lot of money. This is because Alpha Direct has in-house agents thus enabling clients to talk directly to us without needing to go through a middleman. Did you know we also have a toll free number? Yes we do! 0800 601 029 is the number to dial and one of our friendly Alphas will be in touch with you.

Sophisticated underwriting systems: Alpha Direct considers a client’s individual risk profile. Premiums are calculated according to a client’s unique risk profile, meaning low-risk clients generally do not subsidize high-risk clients. Therefore, if you are a low-risk client, you could save 15% or more on your insurance costs.

Did you also know that being a safe driver could save you a lot? Safe drivers who have fewer claims on their motor policy generally get lower premiums on their policies. They also save money they would have otherwise spent on deductibles.

Fixed premiums for a full 12 months: We all need to have that peace of mind knowing that the amount payable is fixed and has no hidden costs.

Easy Claims process: With Alpha Direct, there is definitely no need to run around getting comparative quotes. Let us worry about that! When you claim, we do all the work for you. Its festive season, we all know all sorts of mishaps are highly likely to happen, such as car theft or accidents. Stay protected!

Fortunately, there is no long waiting period for a stolen vehicle claim to be processed. Valid claims are paid out as soon as the necessary administrative process has been completed. Because of our highly trained staff, you are sure to have a speedy claims process.

Awesome service: What’s a company without great customer service? At Alpha Direct we put you first and we are committed to giving you the excellent service that you deserve, be it in person or telephonically.

Zero hassles, zero stress!