Third Party Motor Insurance

Many individuals can benefit from third party motor insurance. This type of insurance covers the driver from a wide range of losses, like damage to another person’s property. Here’s what you need to know about this type of insurance.

How Does It Work?

In third party motor insurance cover, the insurer provides protection for an the damage caused to others (third parties) by an individual’s property or actions thereof. If you are sued or in any other situation held legally liable for the damage to another person’s belongings as a result of driving your car, the insurance covers the costs of damages to the other person’s property. For example, if you have this type of cover in place, and you damage another person’s car, the policy covers the damage to the other individual’s property.

It does have some limits. For example, this type of cover does not protect your car if you were drunk or the driver does not have a valid driver’s license. Also, bodily injury is not covered under Botswana’s third party insurance policies because it is covered by the Motor Vehicle Accident Funds (MVA Fund).

Why You Need It

Car accident on a highway

The costs of any of these situations can be very high. A single accident can create significant financial loss due to damage to the other party’s vehicle as well as your own vehicle. Most of the time, third party motor insurance coverage remains affordable, but it can provide significant financial protection if an accident occurs.

Individuals should compare all of their options and choose a policy properly fitting to their needs. Third party motor insurance is often required under law in other countries while in Botswana it is not a pre requisite. However it is recommended that anyone driving or owning a car at minimum has third party insurance to cover their potential liability to the third party.

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