Does Car Insurance Cover Damage Caused by Criminal Acts?

You spend a great deal of your time working hard to earn a living, care for your home, and maintain your vehicle. When you find yourself the victim of theft or vandalism, you may easily become overwhelmed by the intrusion on your privacy and personal space. There is nothing that quite makes up for this type of loss from a personal level. However, your car insurance may help you overcome the financial cost that this inevitably leads to.

Are You the Victim of Another Person’s Poor Decisions?

Auto insurance provides financial protection for many types of losses. A key reason for having this type of insurance is to provide you with financial protection from losses you did not cause but could not have prevented. Most policyholders will have this type of insurance if they have comprehensive coverage on their vehicle. How can it help you?

You find someone broke into your vehicle. The thieves stole your electronics or other personal items stored within your vehicle. Your vehicle insurance will cover the contents of your vehicle up to a certain value.
Your vehicle is involved in a fire because of someone’s carelessness. Perhaps it was even an intentional fire started by a vandal. This could lead to a total loss for your vehicle. Your car insurance is likely to cover the loss up to the value listed in the policy. In some cases, this may include covering a totaled vehicle if it cannot be repaired.
As you enjoy an evening with friends, someone vandalizes your vehicle. Perhaps they damaged the paint excessively or dented the car. You file a police report. The good news is your auto insurance policy will likely cover this type of loss up to the value on your policy.
It is important to know that not all types of insurance provide this level of coverage. Work closely with your insurance agent to find the right policy for your unique needs. Be sure the value of the policy is enough to cover the loss of your vehicle in the event of a total loss.

Also, keep in mind that who causes the damage will matter to your insurer. If you are in an accident, for example, comprehensive coverage may not apply. Other types of coverage may, depending on the circumstances. It is very important for you to invest the time in finding the right insurance plan for your needs.