Do you have insurance through your bank?


Most people in Botswana who buy new cars tend to sign up for the default insurance products offered by their vehicle financing banks. It seems to be just what everyone does… You spend days and weeks shopping around for the right car, comparing deals offered by different car dealerships, and shooting for the best value on the right car. The irony of it is that after all the haggling and negotiating on buying the right car, a lot of otherwise smart shoppers tend to just accept the default insurance offered by their financing houses or banks without comparing rates with other insurers!

In the excitement of buying a new car they just accept whatever insurance cover is offered by their banks without shopping around for the best insurance deal out there. That’s the old way. It’s also the expensive way. Insurance on a new car can range from P10,000 all the way up to as much as P100,000 each and every year! Don’t you think it makes sense to compare rates and coverage options in the market on your insurance as well?

That time is now. If you own a car, or are in the market for a new car, be sure to compare market rates before you accept any insurance policy offered to you. It’s the smart thing to do.

Alpha Direct has helped thousands of people save money on their car insurance by saving on brokerage commissions; and by offering reliable, easy and fast claims service we’ve kept people covered through the unexpected.

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