The Importance of Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake Green Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds and Sky.

There’s nothing more worrisome and frightening than watching your home shake, your belongings fall to the ground, and facing the real fact that your loved ones could be hurt. An earthquake can occur at any time. There is little warning that it will occur and, even if there is some evidence that it will, there’s very little you can do to protect yourself, your family, or your home. In fact, the only way to minimize some of the financial risk you face is to have the right home insurance in place. Do you have earthquake insurance?

Examine Your Policy Today

The recent earthquakes in our area have done more than just shake the ground. They’ve also exposed the real need to update home insurance policies and business insurance plans to better reflect the ongoing threats in the area. Earthquake insurance is a key component to any structural policy, but it is not always included in a basic plan. Take a close look at your existing insurance plan to determine if you have this coverage or if you need to purchase a new policy.

Earthquake Insurance Offers Peace of Mind

The recent earthquakes in our area came as a surprise. Most people did not suffer any damage, but there is an ongoing risk that additional earthquakes can occur. Alpha Direct offers the support and guidance you need to protect yourself financially from these losses.

How can earthquake coverage help you?

Alpha Direct’s insurance plans cover damage to homes and businesses.
This covers cleanup efforts should damage be significant.
It can help to pay for all repairs necessary on your home or your business property.
It can help cover the costs of damage to the structure, foundation, windows, roofing, and much more.
It aids in helping you to recover from losses related to damaged and lost property and personal belongings as well.
Experiencing loss from an earthquake is a very real risk here in Botswana. That is why it is so important for you to have adequate insurance to minimize your financial losses. Most importantly, recognize that most property insurance plans can affordably cover earthquake risk – you do not have to pay significantly more to have this type of protection. Contact your agent at Alpha Direct to find out how you can protect against the risks of unknown earthquakes. Let our team help you to find the coverage you need today.