How to Document a Home Insurance Claim

Something has happened. You are now facing a call to your home insurance provider. Perhaps a fire broke out in your home, leading to the loss of a variety of personal items. You may have had an instance of vandalism or theft. No matter what occurs, one of the most important first steps you need to take is to call your home insurance agent. House insurance is there to protect you in these instances, but it is also wise for you to take action to document any claims you plan to make.

What to Do First

In situations of theft or other activity in which someone else may be responsible for the losses you’ve suffered, the first step is always to contact the police. Your goal here is to ensure you are safe and there is documentation of the event. Then, take these steps to help document your loss.

Take the time to look through all areas of the home. Notice anything that is lost or damaged.
If you have a home inventory, one of the best ways to safeguard your house insurance claims, use it to help verify the items no longer in place.

Use photos to document everything. Do not move anything before actually documenting the scene. Take as many photos as necessary to show what happened, the condition of items, and the missing items in the home.

If possible, don’t move items within your home until your insurance agent arrives to inspect it. They will conduct their own investigation to better understand what occurred and why. Keep in mind that your agent will use your information, photos, and police reports to complete the claim as well.

Work along with your insurance agent to determine what steps are necessary. In some cases, you may need to show documentation of ownership of high-value items. For example, a sales receipt can show ownership of your new television. If you have high-end valuables, be sure to contact your insurer before an incident occurs to list these items on your policy specifically.

The good news is your house insurance agent is there to help you through this process. In nearly all cases, you will find yourself with the support you need in filing this claim if you have a qualified professional by your side. And, if you hope to avoid risks later, be sure to choose a house insurance policy that fits your needs and an insurance company like Alpha Direct, that makes it easy to file such claims.