4 Safety Tips for Driving with Children: Reduce the Distraction and Keep Everyone Safe

There is nothing like a drive out into the country, to a local park, or just to a friend’s house with the entire family. Yet, as a parent, you know that every time you step into a vehicle with your child, you are putting them into a potentially dangerous situation. Most of the time, parents are very careful drivers, doing everything they can to protect their children. Yet, having a safe car and a high-quality auto insurance policy is not enough. These tips can help you to keep your kids safe on the road.

#1: Keep them busy

Allow your children to bring a few toys with them to keep them busy. The less distracted you are behind the wheel, the more protected your children will be. Your goal is to ensure that 100 percent of your attention is on the road in front of you.

#2: Always use proper seat belts and car seats

Check your local laws to learn what the rules are for safety belts and car seats. However, realize that, until your child is the size of an adult, the belts and fastenings in a vehicle will not fit them properly. For that reason, you may want to keep them in a seat or adjust their belt to ensure they are protected.

#3: Keep your eyes on the road

Parents may find themselves interested in what their son or daughter is doing. This may seem like a great time to have a long conversation. However, even when you are engaging your child in conversation, you are distracted from the road in front of you.

#4: When there’s a problem, pull over

You want to get where you need to be quickly, but driving with a baby that is crying or two children who are arguing is not easy to do. Don’t do it. Pull to the side of the road and try to find a solution instead of just pushing through it. This takes the stress off you and gives you a bit of peace of mind at the same time.

When there is an accident, your auto insurance is here to protect you financially. However, there is no doubt that protecting your child before such an accident occurs is more important. With a few safe driving tips like these, you can reduce those risks significantly.